Medias Corporation takes great pleasure in introducing to you our Turnkey Digital Video Surveillance System.

We tailor our systems to suit your specific needs. We do not try to sell you a "one size fits all" package which may be either insufficient or too much for your purposes. We begin by interviewing you to determine what your primary and secondary goals are. We will also visit the site and conduct a site survey. After we know what is best for you, we’ll design, program, and install the whole system for you.

DV recording stations can hold between one week of full-frame live video record to more than a month. There is no user action required at the end of the cycles; system makes a programmed loop automatically.

If you need to look at recordings, or make a Video CD/DVD with recorded material, you can do it using built in user-friendly interface, without interrupting live recording.

System can record 4 – 64 live streams (cameras) with video/audio recording.

From DVR we can connect live stream to any TV, for live preview.
If we connect your system to any DSL or fast internet access, you can look at your property from anywhere in the world using just internet explorer, live.

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