Computers connected to the network to share and exchange data and recourses can improve your office performance, and most of business wouldn't even exist without good network. We can provide full support for file servers, printer and fax servers, backup, Anti-virus software. Network Design and installation imply full service from buying right networking equipment to TCP/IP and user settings.
Wide Area Networking is with you since you've connected your system on the internet. EMAIL servers, WEB servers, FTP and secure servers can improve your business a lot, and that's just a beggining… Internet is the best source for all kind of information, fast internet connection is a must for any serious business these days. We'll advice you about available services in your area, from DSL, ADSL, IDSL, SDSL, or Cable to T1 connection and we'll connect everything for you. Firewall, Router, Gateway, DHCP server (or all in one) will be connected and customized to meet your needs. Fast Internet Connection is important step in enabling Remote Access software for fast support and troubleshooting
Medias Corporation Head office is connected to the internet with full T1 connection. Servers are connected to close to 100 client's servers and workstations for monitoring, immediate remote support with secure remote access software for all windows based PC's. If you need to access your computers in the office from your home, or any distant location, we'll setup for you affordable WAN based solution for that.