Medias Corporation is owned and successfully managed by Mr. Dean Stojic, and before anything else, because this is more important than anything else:

Medias Corporation is built on person-to-person relationships, all clients has become a part Medias Consulting Network (MCN) by word of mouth. There was not a single IT problem which was not resolved. There was not unsatisfied client. My clients can not afford non-working computer, I can not afford unsatisfied client.

After choosing Medias for Your Own Technical Support, you don't have to think about bringing your computer or any other equipment to our place; - some of my colleagues or me are going to be in your office within couple hours or less.

Further more, from our office in Fort Lauderdale, thru T1 connection, we are connected to over 200 computers in Florida and California. These computers are part of Medias Maintenance Network and as such, under 24x7 monitoring. Users of these stations can call Medias for support remotely and over the phone immediately. Servers are being monitored regularly couple times a day. Most of the problems are detected and resolved without disturbing clients operations.

That's one of the main ideas:
Instead of hiring expensive professionals to work for you, or calling some non-efficient phone or on-line support, you will have Your Own Technical Support.

I'm not going to send some sales expert who is going to try to explain that you need my services, and to tell you that I can do everything for you; instead of that, I'll be there to do my job, and you will pay only for the results. If I'm not able to fix something, you won't have to pay.

You will tell me what do you need, and I'll tell you if Medias is going to be the best solution for you, or not. Medias doesn't have any clients who are not completely satisfied, and I'm not going to take a job which can't be done to meet all your needs.

Medias is located in Fort Lauderdale, and we are serving mostly that area, but there are numerous clients in West Palm Beach and Miami.